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Chiran Group is a leading disposable food and beverage packaging supplier in China. With 10 years of exportation experience to Europe, North America, South America those markets. Since its establishment, Chiran has been committed to designing, developing, producing and selling high-quality disposable food packaging products. We always uphold the business philosophy of "high quality, professional, environmental protection", adhere to the principle of quality first, and continue to innovate around customer's requirements.

Our company specialize in bagasse tableware, cornstarch tableware, paper cups, PLA products, craft paper tableware etc those environmentally friendly packaging products. We have full range of national and international professional certificates such as SGS, ISO9001, FSC, SGS, FDA, OK compost, BPI etc., and the product quality meets European and American standards.

We commit ourselves to provide one-stop quality service for global food packaging customers" and our mission is “creating a convenient life and a better life".

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Phone: +86-199 6518 6601

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